Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Debate Vacation

We just got back from Liberty University, we being myself, my dad, my little brother, and my two sisters Amber and Melissa.
I usually hate debating. I hate the preparation, the talking in front of others, basically everything about it. However, this time I had a lot of fun. I think that because I had fun, it improved my debate skills. Even my debate coach said that I was doing better.
We faced some really hard teams. We even faced the top team from Florida. Homeschoolers from around the country came to debate. Even though it was a lot of work it was also a lot of fun. There were about 44 teams of two people in the team policy debate and about 15 people in the Lincoln Douglas debate. My sister Amber was the seventeenth best speaker out of 88 people.
It was definitely worthwhile and fun. Also we accomplished the main goal of the debate, we learned something!


Sheila said...

I am happy to hear you enjoyed it so much. I didn't get to see you debate, but I am certain that your skills have improved.

Keep it up!

maegen said...

I have personally have always loved to debate. In seventh grade one of the class electives was a debate class which we would debate different topics in teams. It was my highlight of the day. lol. After entering highschool, I joined the local FFA program where I was introduced to Parliamentary Procedure. Parli Pro is a contest where a team of six members, five debaters and a chairman debate topics related to agriculture. We walk into a room contained with two or three judges and we have one minute to look at our cards. Our cards contain the motion we have to debate as well as other motions that the members must make during the round. Each round can be no longer than 10 minutes and 30 seconds long and each member must have made two motions and have four debates, givng each member only twenty seconds to debate the business at hand. The contest also includes a test about Parliamentary Procedure, minutes on the round, and questions asked by the judges. It's a basic re-enactment of how the proper order of business should be ran at a professional meeting, based on the book Roberts Rules of Order. My sophomore year I joined the novice team where we recieved second place in the state of California and our advanced team placed first allowing them to compete at nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Unfortunately one of the judges didn't think a debate was german so a member recieved no points on that debate, causing them to recieve sixth place. This year I'm on the advanced Parli Pro team and we have just recieved first place in our region and will compete at state on April 17, and later attend the state convention, an extremely fun event =]

I thought because you are starting to enjoy debating, that you would be interested in this contest. You may already know about this contest or CDE (Career Development Experience), but incase you didn't I wanted to enlighten you on the matter. If you know of any other debating programs, I would appreciate information.

By the way thank you for the comment, I appreciate your input on the matter.